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Meet Ashley Wagner, our newest addition to the magazine.
Meet Ashley Wagner, our newest addition to the magazine.

Meet Our New Yote

May 22, 2015

Our publishing house is once again in harmony now that we’ve brought on USD alum Ashley Wagner to lead efforts in circulation and marketing. A Jackrabbit/Coyote balance (previously a two-to-one ratio) is essential to a happy workplace at South Dakota Magazine.

Ashley, a Wisconsin native, recently married a local farmer and high school teacher. She and her husband Brandon live on the family farm near Utica. Here's how she answered some of our tough questions.

What's on the top of your "South Dakota To-Do" list?
I would love to take a helicopter ride over Mount Rushmore!

What's your favorite trail?
Lewis and Clark trail by Spirit Mound (just outside Vermillion). I was on the track team while attending the University of South Dakota and we would go to Spirit Mound to do hill workouts. Let’s just say you get very close with your teammates during hill workouts.

If you could meet one character from South Dakota history, who would that person be?
I would love to meet Wild Bill Hickok. But then again, who wouldn’t want to meet that troublemaker. 

What is your favorite South Dakota eatery?
My husband’s family has introduced me to Marv’s Bar in Utica. It’s a small bar with “regulars” and everyone knows you. I love it because it is so different from anything I have ever seen or grown up with.

As a transplant to farm life, what advice do you have for other new farm wives?
Don’t sweat the little stuff (something I am still working on). And check pockets before washing clothes. I don’t know how many times I have temporarily broken my washing machine because of a loose nail or fence wire being stuck in the machine.


12:45 pm - Fri, May 22 2015
Rebecca said:
Hey! I went to USD, too. Go Yotes!!
12:48 pm - Fri, May 22 2015
Bernie said:
I was just at Marv's the other night for a liver & onion feed. One of the regulars found some liver in his freezer. His wife won't allow it to be cooked in the house, and she was out of town, so he brought it down to the bar and Annie graciously cooked it for him. The place was full -- and Annie made soup and potato salad and other fixings. You won't get that Olive Garden.

Welcome, Ashley. Coyotes and Jackrabbits alike have been good for South Dakota Magazine.
01:02 pm - Fri, May 22 2015
Heidi said:
Welcome to our magazine family Ashley! I'm not even going to ask what hill workouts are. :)
01:05 pm - Fri, May 22 2015
John Andrews said:
Ashley is great and I'm glad she's here. But I thought the balance was perfect at 2-1.
02:57 pm - Fri, May 22 2015
Jim Thompson said:
My father graduated from SD State and got his masters degree from SDU. My sister graduated from SD State. My brother and I both graduated from the School of Mines. When are you going to add an engineer to your staff?

05:02 pm - Fri, May 22 2015
Karen Kubal said:
You are so right about the pockets! My mother always had a small pile of pocket items that she collected on laundry days. Sounds like you're off to a great start! Good luck to you with SD Magazine and your life on the farm....and GO 'YOTES!!!

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