Bernie Hunhoff, editor-at-large, and Paul Higbee, contributing editor, chose this photo by Doug Jorgensen. “A rodeo fan understands we re looking at true teamwork — cowgirl and horse. But maybe what I like best is how in some of parts of the country most people couldn t tell you exactly what s happening,” Higbee says. “They might guess it to be some sort of bizarre human vs. horse footrace. Or that the cowgirl fell off her horse and is trying to get it to stop. In South Dakota, of course, we know that a goat is about to get its legs tied, real fast.”

Staff Favorites from July/August 2015

Here are some of our favorite photos from the latest issue of the magazine. What are yours? [read more]

Gigi Hickey holds the 105 mm Howitzer canister that housed the Nazi banner for nearly 70 years.

The Spoils and Sorrows of War

A Wessington Springs attic held a piece of World War II history for nearly 70 years. [read more]

Hutchinson County Haven

Germans from Russia sought a new life here in the 1870s. Photos by Joel Schwader. [read more]

A patch of black-eyed Susan along the hiking trail at Lake Vermillion Recreation Area.

The Season of Color

South Dakota is most vibrant during summer. [read more]

West River Melting Pot

Haakon County was named for a Norwegian, home to a famous Scotsman and could hold Mexican buried treasure. [read more]

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