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March/April 2018

Springtime along the banks of the Missouri River in Yankton. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.


A Journal in Springtime: An excerpt from Gathering from the Grassland: a Plains Journal by Hermosa writer Linda M. Hasselstrom.

Ship in a Bottle: German prisoners of war worked, played and connected with South Dakotans during World War II.

Endangered by Lack of Fishing: The last resort on Hartford Beach seeks children with fishing poles.

Beeper the Pheasant: Evon Pearson Swedin remembers a treasured pet from her Clay County girlhood. 

My Deer Crash: A life-changing moment on Highway 18. 

The Good House: Sioux Falls' Victorian Bed & Breakfast seeks new owners.

The Undiplomatic Professor: Fayette Cook boldly led Black Hills State in its earliest days.




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