The current warm weather has left South Dakota corn farmers with a difficult decision – harvest wet corn and pay drying expenses or hold off for a bit and try to allow corn to dry naturally in the field. This picture of a corn field was taken along the Jim River near Mission Hill. Photo by Bernie Hunhoff.

Photo of the Week

This photo by Bernie Hunhoff was taken along the Jim River near Mission Hill. [read more]

Along Ralph Rogers Road in south Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls Fall

Photographer Christian Begeman captured the brilliant fall colors in Sioux Falls this month. [read more]

South Dakotans know pork chops, but there are more adventurous ways to enjoy the meat, such as Chipotle Pork. Photo by Fran Hill

Piggin’ Out On Pork

South Dakotans showcase the other white meat. Photo by Fran Hill [read more]

Fall is when leaves change color and lawns become decorated with campaign signs.

Politics as Usual

There’s an election coming, but will anything really change? [read more]

Morning light on Spearfish Falls.

The Golden Season

Autumn in South Dakota provides visual poetry. [read more]

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