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09:44 am - Thu, April 19 2012
Cindy Hauk said:
What an awsome job on the photes, Teresa!!!!!!
10:14 am - Thu, April 19 2012
Janelle Cotrone said:
I could not believe that I was looking at those pictures.. It was looking into once of my alums Teresa.. I have family in Groton and I go out there in the fall and take pictures.. I have the same school house and barns.. Amsden Dam.. Crazy... My relatives are the Fey's.

05:15 pm - Thu, April 19 2012
Bill Klapperich said:
Beautiful photos. The barn ones remind me of spending time playing with Aunt Pat and watching Uncle Larry shoot baskets in the barn loft on St. Peter's when I was little. It's not there anymore. I vividly remember these things, I just can't remember stuff from this morning. LOL
07:20 pm - Thu, April 19 2012
Julie Babbe said:
Teresa - These are stunning. My grandfather, Gilbert Babbe, owned and operated the pool hall in Turton. My grandmother, Mary Babbe, always considered Annie Barrie one of her dearest friends. When I was little, I thought Annie was one of my grandmas!
12:43 pm - Wed, April 20 2016
Kay Becker Britten said:
Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for seeing the beauty of treasures in our countryside.
01:33 pm - Wed, April 20 2016
Ila M Rigwald (nee Martin) said:
These photos are wonderful. I was born and raised in Turton, The picture of the school brings back memories of attending Kindergarten and 2nd grade in the Mannie School, located SE of Turton.
01:55 pm - Wed, April 20 2016
KarenThelen George said:
Beautiful pictures , I was born and raised in the area and the scenes are the ones I have in my mind. It was a wonderful place to grow up and a wonderful childhood. There aren't places like these any more, except back there. And don't forget the smell, it has a smell and scent all of it's own, wonderful
04:29 pm - Wed, April 20 2016
Sharry Schneider said:
Great photos and I love old barns....They bring back many memories....
09:13 am - Tue, August 9 2016
Jacqui Dikken, née Hanson said:
i lived in Turton 68 or so years ago. I remember a school that had grades 1-6 on main floor and upper grades upstairs. Just drove thru there for old times sake! Wasn't there a cafe on Main Street?

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