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April/May 1987

Budding trees in the hills of Lincoln County. Photo by Joel Strasser of Canton.


Ed Yost Flies South Dakota: The world record balloonist, who has braved the skies and dared the Atlantic, is hardly known at home.

South Dakota's Cactus Picnic: Over 4,500 gather to talk "Dakota-ese" in Arizona.

Country Dance is Alive and Kicking: Country Dance Club preserves foot-happy tradition.

The Lady Called Alex: A young businessman finds himself enchanted by a landmark hotel.

Badger Clark is Still A-ridin': Our state's best known poet will live forever.

Prairie Repertory Theatre Plans Finale: Popular summer theatre group must leave historic opera house in Madison.

Forest Building on the Prairie: It's not easy, but with gloves and patience, it can be done.




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