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Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

Apr 1, 2015

Deborah Johnson, Hot Springs, shared photos from the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. She visited last week for founder Dayton Hyde's 90th birthday celebration.

Hyde broke hundreds of mustangs in his years as a rancher, but part of him hated to rob the animals of their freedom. In 1988, Hyde left his Oregon ranch for a spread near Hot Springs and created the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. He began with 150 mustangs from the Bureau of Land Management roaming 8,300 acres. In 1992 Hyde added several thousand more acres by purchasing the neighboring Cox Ranch, which included the family headquarters along the Cheyenne River. As the sanctuary continued growing, the Cox homestead became visitor's center and gift shop. Today, about 600 wild horses roam Hyde's 11,000 acres in Fall River County.
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07:23 pm - Wed, April 1 2015
Thank you so much for honoring such a great place with a gallery of my images along with your great write up about the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary!
09:40 am - Thu, April 2 2015
Dianna said:
I am so disgusted by the brutally of the federal government for what they are doing to the wild horses. I love horses they are such gentle animals. I have had some experience with horses that have helped children with disabilities.
These horses have roomed the west since the beginning of time. I pray all the time that this will stop, just like the killing of the wolves. I blame corporate greed and the department of agricultural.....
just vile disgusting people with no values except for the all might dollar.
my hear breaks,
11:44 am - Thu, April 2 2015
Rebecca Johnson said:
You're welcome, Deborah!
03:15 pm - Mon, April 6 2015
Kerry Bowers said:
The Black Hills Horse Sanctuary is such a beautiful place! I plan on visiting again this year!
09:31 am - Tue, April 7 2015
Jarris Wentzel said:
Another great set of photos Deb! Always enjoy your shots and so nice to see you in South Dakota Magazine!!!! Congrats to you ;~)
07:49 am - Fri, April 24 2015
Thank you so much Jarris Wentzel ! Its a big honor for me to be asked for images here :D

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