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08:58 am - Thu, December 8 2016
The Juso's were uncles of mine, brothers of my grandmother, Preda Juso,
Harri ,Johnson . They were all gone by the time I was born but the carpenter/ artist inclination continues. My brother Al and Warren are both excellent craftsmen. Al has built many log structures and small projects over the last 40 years. I use my abilities by putting paint to canvas as did my sister JoAnn. I can still enjoy looking at their craftsmanship in the many structures throughout the Black Hills. Seeing these pictures are a real treasure to me since I never met them in person. Thanks for the story!!!
06:42 am - Tue, July 25 2017
Eileen Juso Craig said:
They were not brothers of your grandmother! Prida & Nels Juso were sister & brother so these Juso brothers were nephews of your grandmother! They were the sons of Nels & Elizabeth Juso!
07:57 pm - Mon, October 19 2020
Kathy Baker said:
Fun to see these photos. Eileen it would been fun to meet you sometime.
My father was George Pahkamaa, son of Hilda (juso) and Henry Pahkamaa

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