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02:50 pm - Thu, October 1 2020
Edee said:
These pictures made me smile. Thanks for sharing.
03:45 pm - Thu, October 1 2020
What a beautiful way to celebrate the new season. It is so nice to have someone take time to view, and capture, these most pleasant scenes around us.
05:17 am - Fri, October 2 2020
kathy Krause said:
I found myself smiling, too!
06:21 am - Fri, October 2 2020
Mary Morgan said:
While the place I live is lovely, I still miss South Dakota after 41 years. It is still home & the best place to grow up. Thanks for sharing the pictures & stay safe.
09:25 am - Sat, October 3 2020
Craig Ducks Pugsley said:
one of my favorite areas of South Dakota, the landscape, the people, the wildlife, the fishery, the areas unique history and camping opportunities make this a perfect place to spend a day, a week, a month or more.
09:54 am - Sat, October 3 2020
The reservoir is a great place to paint plein air. I will miss it this year. The photos are great!
11:29 am - Thu, October 8 2020
Kristin Stewart said:
Gorgeous photos of Shadehill, thank you!

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