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Can You Hear Corn Grow?

Dec 14, 2011

Got any questions about the outdoors in South Dakota? Our online friends are our best editorial advisors, and we need help once again. We're working on a story for our March/April issue that will seek to answer the questions every South Dakotan has asked him/herself.

Can you really hear corn grow? What do you say to a mountain lion? Where's the deepest water in our deepest lake? How do you catch crawdads? Do the donkeys in Custer State Park ever bite? Classics like that.

Got any questions you want answered? Let us know.

You can just comment below, or email

By the way, I'm convinced you can hear corn grow on a very still August night.


02:48 pm - Wed, December 14 2011
John Andrews said:
I want to know if a snapping turtle can really bite your finger off. Or if tall ant hills can really predict a thunderstorm.
03:09 pm - Wed, December 14 2011
Katie said:
Thanks John. Now I have two ideas to bring to our editorial meeting tomorrow.
06:37 pm - Wed, December 14 2011
John Ronning said:
Who actually does the annual Pheasant Count, and how is it done?

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