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06:09 pm - Mon, January 21 2013
Bernie said:
Congrats Chad, nobody deserves the award more than you and in fact the award now carries more weight now that you are among the honorees. And great speech ... everybody who won an award after you just mimicked your remarks. Seriously, congrats, we love working with you and our readers appreciate you more than you could know.
04:34 am - Tue, January 22 2013
Chad Coppess said:
Thank you very much Bernie, Katie and the entire staff at South Dakota Magazine - all former winners of the Pankow award yourselves. I appreciate everything you have done in providing a place for photographers to share their work with the world.
06:57 pm - Fri, January 25 2013
Congratulations Chad on recent recognition. You are a great shooter and are doing wonderful things for the South Dakota and for the photography profession.

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