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07:08 am - Thu, September 11 2014
Ed said:
So from the highway to the tub, how many times do you cross the creek if it isn't to high?
12:51 am - Mon, October 20 2014
William Boyd said:
How do you get there? Anyone have directions?
05:24 am - Thu, April 30 2015
Craig Wenzel said:
Our family visited the Devil's bathtub in the late 1990s. It was a warm summer afternoon --even up in Spearfish Canyon-- and the cold water cascading down the slippery slope was a sharp, refreshing contrast to the air temperature. Recently I watched the video (VCR, of course) we shot while swimming in the landing pool that Mother Nature provided us. Great memory flashback in SD Magazine!
07:53 pm - Tue, July 4 2017
Jen said:
Watch out locals like to have sherriff come tow yur cars here and no cell reception to get car back
Leaving families stranded

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