Whereizzit in South Dakota?

Sep 2, 2011

Last month we nearly stumped you with the Whereizzit of the old store near Burke. Let's see if you are up on your religious statue locations in South Dakota. Who can guess where Bernie took this photo in May of 2010? We'll provide some clues as the day goes on.

The winner is the first person to correctly identify the location or name the small town that is nearby. You'll win a free gift subscription which you can keep for yourself or award to anyone you wish! Good luck.

Clue #1: We'll start out by cutting the state in half. It's East River but only by a few miles.

Clue #2 -- This is a very small town of mostly Czech heritage.
Clue #3 -- The statue, of course, represents the church's namesake.


09:06 am - Fri, September 2 2011
Heidi said:
Chapel in the Hills
09:13 am - Fri, September 2 2011
Lacy Behrens said:
I believe it is the Cathedral on the Prairie. Near Hoven, SD?
10:12 am - Fri, September 2 2011
Jerry Christofferson said:
12:16 pm - Fri, September 2 2011
Michelle Beringer said:
I think it is at the Catholic church in Orient, SD
01:42 pm - Fri, September 2 2011
Lisa Duncan said:
St. Isidore's Church, Colome, SD?
02:49 pm - Fri, September 2 2011
Emily R said:
The catholic church in Dante?
03:09 pm - Fri, September 2 2011
Heidi Marsh said:
WE HAVE A WINNER! Emily guessed it. Bernie visited the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church in Dante and snapped this shot of her crowned with flowers. Send us your address Emily, and we'll start your subscription right away. Thanks to everyone else who guessed.

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