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02:17 pm - Wed, July 12 2017
Jon said:
If you could only send the smells with the photos!!!!!
11:41 am - Thu, July 13 2017
Karoline said:
Always got a cream filled donut when ever we came to town. One of my first memories of Flandreau. Was born there in 1946. Mom and Dad probably had a donut as a celebration of my birth.
12:50 pm - Thu, July 13 2017
Pat Buskerud said:
****I stopped in Bakery last week, long Johns are terrific!!! Wish I would have gotten a dozen.
04:59 pm - Thu, July 13 2017
Kris Weinand said:
You can't go wrong with any of them!!! They are all terrific!!! The chocolate covered donuts melt in your mouth and I love anything filled!!! I bought two dozen last week to take to work! It makes everyone's day when I bring Flandreau Bakery donuts!!
06:53 pm - Thu, July 13 2017
Tabatha Grafing Eubank said:
I grew up with great memories of this bakery. Walking in on Saturday morning with my mom to buy bread for the week and getting a chocolate covered cake donut or some donut holes! Later I got my first job at the Ben Franklin down the block and would spend my lunch breaks in the cafe. They don't make them like this any more.
07:36 am - Fri, July 14 2017
Jean (Handberg) Kottom said:
Nothing beats the memories and smell and taste of Flandreau Bakery. Long John's and Mocha Cakes are my favorite and I do buy a dozen and freeze them.
09:15 am - Sat, July 15 2017
Nancy said:
2nd best thing about going to Flandreau for horse events is stopping at the bakery. Never disappoints.
01:49 pm - Tue, August 15 2017
Doris Wilding Hermann ( Gladys Milne's daughter) said:
I love this bakery

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