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Renovated CRP with six species of warm-season grasses. Photo from
Renovated CRP with six species of warm-season grasses. Photo from

Music to My Ears

Jun 23, 2011

Does anyone else think this is lovely? It's the sound of chorus frogs and other wildlife at the EcoSun Prairie Farmnear Colman. The farm was established in 2007 with the "purpose of demonstrating how to make a sustained and earned living from restored grassland and grass products while protecting and enhancing the natural environment."

At the center of their efforts is restoring tall grass prairie and wetland grasses. By the sound of this video, some small creatures are happy with their efforts. 

Join a public tour of EcoSun Prairie Farms on July 15. Visit this page for more information.


05:45 pm - Fri, June 24 2011
Ken Hansen said:
The wild life chorus reminds me of my own experience in Missouri. In the evening, I often sit in my screened porch and listen to music. My 5-disc player is quite a mix of classical, western swing, and classic country,with maybe some church organ music thrown in along with some Bruce or CCR. The frogs and insects seem to enjoy it and sing along. However, I have come to realize all of nature is either terrified or mystified by the voice of Johnny Cash. When his voice booms across the speakers, the chorus mutes for a second and then starts again, but in a totally different tune. They seem to not differentiate between the other music.

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