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11:40 am - Fri, December 14 2012
Peter Manley said:
Very nice Ron. THANK YOU! Peter Manley
02:40 pm - Thu, January 9 2014
Paula Mae Larson said:
Lake Preston was a hide away for me in 1994, after my Son and His new wife
were recently married. They were living in Brookings, SD, and I had no idea
where I was, except by the road signs. Doug and Julie had been transferred
from Brookings to Iowa by the then infamous Enron. I was working in Brookings, and was so disappointed, and after they had left, was heading to their vacated
home along that Highway to Lake Preston. There was a sharp turn to the right
and along the left side of the street, I saw an image of our Savior Jesus Christ.
I was so shocked, and elated ~ The image was saying "Don't give up Hope"
I could just read this in the image ~ I started to drive, going past their home,
and in complete euphoria, in that I realized that I had just seen what everyone
is looking for. I kept driving, and crying, and when I came to the Lake Preston exit, I just stopped and cried and cried. I'll never forget the feeling. Thanks to Lake Preston, you had a visitor who saw Jesus ~ and will never forget parking at the lake, it was pouring down rain, and I thought "what will I say if the Cops stop me here, and ask me why I am here ~ it was an off season in November" I thought later "they will think I am mixed up ~ Has anyone else ever had such a vision anywhere when they thought they were all alone, and had lost it all! Thanks, Paula Larson ~ Niobrara, Nebraska.

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