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2012 South Dakota Gift Guide

Looking for South Dakota-made gifts this year? Enjoy our South Dakota Gift Guide featuring artwork, pottery, jewelry, rugs, furniture, foods and other treasures created by folks from our great state.

View it here or look for it in our Nov/Dec issue of South Dakota Magazine.


09:30 am - Tue, October 23 2012
Mary Richards said:
I was hoping to see buffalo products. No Dan O'Brien buffalo?
10:08 am - Tue, October 23 2012
Michael Lenox said:
When I clicked on the Jon Crane "Gold Mountain Mine" photo, the picture is not listed on his website. Is is only for sale in this year's gift guide? How can I get it framed?
10:45 am - Tue, October 23 2012
Laura Johnson said:
Mary - We would've loved to include buffalo products, but the product makers we approached chose not to participate in the gift guide this year.

Michael - You're right -- I can't find it on his site either, although it is mentioned on his Facebook page. I'd recommend contacting Jon's gallery at 1-888-948-1948 or emailing to find out more.
10:18 am - Thu, November 29 2012
Kristen said:
Is the watercolor map of South Dakota referenced in the gift guide available to view/purchase anywhere on the website? Thank you!
10:38 am - Thu, November 29 2012
Laura Andrews said:
Hi Kristen-

It sure is. Click here to see the watercolor map in our online store:

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