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08:48 am - Thu, August 3 2017
Deane Grav said:
Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your thoughs.
09:09 am - Thu, August 3 2017
I've been there before, but not since the park was created. I'll have to visit soon. Thanks for this.
11:15 am - Thu, August 3 2017
If these early indigenous peoples are so important to you, then why did white settlers try to annihilate all of them!?? Come on about hypocrisy! And where are the Native Americans today? On reservations that flourish with poverty, alcoholism, spousal and child abuse and abhorrent living conditions.
11:36 am - Fri, August 4 2017
Peggy DeHoet said:
There was a time when we white people were stupid, and maybe we still are. Their remnants give us a picture into their past and how they lived...and survived!!. But now we realize the importance of what these native people taught us, the importance of their culture and the fact that they lived here thousands of years ago.
08:33 am - Fri, August 10 2018
Kay Sherriff said:
Great Pictures.....Maybe a link to address .. hours... directions ...or did I miss something?

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