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01:04 pm - Sun, August 13 2017
Karl E. Rhines said:
Is no longer the small country elevator my father managed from 1952 to 1976. But a modern unit train loading facility, I think he would be proud. Today they load 110 hoppers in under 15 hours, we were lucky in an 9 hour day to load 8, actually we couldn't load 8 as we didn't have track space for 8. A good day at Mahto I was lucky if I could get 2 loaded, times have changed. The track angle change appears much greater than the actual change of 4 degrees. How far west of town was the picture taken? What kind of camera?
01:38 pm - Sun, August 13 2017
Karl E. Rhines said:
CORRECTION: from 1952 till 1979 elevator at McLaughlin

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