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Photo by Sarah Lewis.
Photo by Sarah Lewis.

South Dakota Web Roundup

Jan 14, 2012

By Laura Johnson

Corey Vilhauer’s recent musings on the creative urge got me thinking. As an occasional cook and full-time crafter, I know that impulse well. He misses one reason to create, though – the joy of doing something for others. When I’m knitting something, even if it’s a simple garment for the charity box, a lot of love and good wishes for whoever the wearer will be gets knitted in with each stitch.

There’ll be a lot of folks at the Groton Community Center today who know what I’m talking about. Knitters, spinners and crocheters from northern South Dakota will be gathering to celebrate Roc Day.  Roc Day, also known as Distaff Day, was traditionally the day that household work resumed after Christmas, but now it’s just a good excuse to craft together. Sioux Falls knitters will have a similar gathering on January 22 at Athena Fibers.

I admire people who can find new uses for items that might otherwise be thrown away. Amy Kirk of Pringle cleverly repurposed her husband’s old shirts and created some flashy aprons.

A coat hanger became a handy-dandy kazoo holder for Flowerman of Rock Garden Tour. Now he’s surely ready for National Kazoo Day on January 28.

If you don’t haven’t found your creative outlet yet, get out and explore! Sioux Falls has a new folk school, the Third Place, offering soapmaking instruction courtesy of Erin of Irish Twins Soap as well as classes in knitting, origami and woodworking. Blacksmith lessons start in February.

How do you express your creative side?  


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