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January/February 1990

Sioux Falls painter Laureen Evans saw this scene of a "Pheasant at Rutland" while traveling the state as a sales representative. 


Photos by Don Polovich: A sensitivity to the Black Hills environment makes Polovich stand out among photographers.

Cowboy Activist Homer Ayres: Writer, speaker, rancher and thinker – Homer Ayres is a cowboy who isn't satisfied with the system.

A Holdup in Aberdeen: In every society, a few rascals are sure to arrive to antagonize the law-abiding.

Our State of Mind: Essayists ponder our cumulative state of mind as we enter South Dakota's second century.

The Candy Store: Helen Noyes conjures up delicious images of growing up in a downtown Madison candy store.

Rise and Fall of Wildlife: There was a time when wildlife ruled the plains.




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