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January/February 1991

Rapid City artist Ida Liffengren Jansen painted this oil of the McCahan Chapel, which has stood for years at Mystic.


A Most Perfect Boundary: Discover the unique border between the two Dakotas.

Dakota Granite: The Stengel brothers have carved a solid business out of the granite near Milbank.

Chess Champ: A teenager from Martin is making a name for himself in chess circles.

The Good Old Guys: A photo essay pays tribute to the tough old-timers.

The Great Si Howker Fight: An adventurous tale of how a young lawyer showed the townsfolk that he "had some sand."

Terry Peak's Snow King: Ed Keene was skiing the Black Hills when only miners and loggers entered the mountains in winter.

Winter Outdoors: A guide to the enjoyment of the winter season in South Dakota.

Skiing Pleasant Valley: Farming country near Gary has proven to be a popular cross country skiing headquarters.




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