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January/February 1992

"Black Hills Battle of the Bulls" was painted by Dorothy Olson of Sturgis. A native of Meade County, she quit teaching to devote her full attention to painting landscapes of western South Dakota.


A River Tamed: South Dakota's Missouri River dams have brought many benefits, but there have also been some costs.

The Rockerville Bobcat: Martha Linde recounts the story of a cat named Bigfoot, a legend in the Black Hills.

Missing Link: A Rapid City delicatessen dedicated to the proposition that eating should be a special event.

Cattle Run at St. Onge: This tiny western South Dakota town has a big sale barn operation that serves ranchers from three states.

The Great Java Stakeout: Marv Hoffer's hilarious tale of how the gang that couldn't shoot straight saved their town.

Winter Recreation Guide: Snowmobiles are bringing new life to areas that used to roll up the sidewalks in September.

Cross Country Surprises: Paul Higbee takes a look at this quiet way to enjoy the very best winter has to offer.

Sam's Wooden Indian: George Hall's story of a frustrated artist whose work was lost, and what a friend did to remember it.




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