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January/February 1995

"The Jolly Timers" is the title of this watercolor by Aberdeen artist Susan Luzier.


Geddes: Something breathed new life into the Charles Mix County town.

Bloody Friday: When the Morrell strike of 1935 turned violent, it wasn't labor vs. management — it was labor vs. itself. [read more]

Bear Butte in Winter: Some of the stories behind the lonely West River peak.

Visions of our State: South Dakotans write about their hopes and concerns for the future.

Pine Ridge Pictorial: Twenty-five years ago, Bill Kunkle aimed his camera at a people who have endured a difficult century.

A Working Man's Artist: Platte's Don Mathey uses the tools of a small town repairman to create works of art.

Winter Wonderland: A time when South Dakota takes on a new and beautiful face.

Black Hills or Bust: Frederick Lampe recalls a wild 1929 trip down the Black and Yellow Trail from Huron to Hisega.




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