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January/February 1996

Yankton area artist Jolene Steffen captured the spirit of horses in winter with this painting, called "Snowbound."


Horses of South Dakota: Though their working days are over, our fascination grows.

Where the Horses Roam: Dayton Hyde's wild horse sanctuary survives without taxpayers' dollars.

Ranch Artist: Colome artist Brenda Bruckner captures the spirit of horses in her paintings and drawings.

Out to Pasture: Hermosa author Linda Hasselstrom shares her story of Bud and Beauty, the work team.

Visions: Ten South Dakotans from various walks of life share their hopes and dreams for the future.

Towns We Like: Rosholt loves its farmers just as much as the farmers love Rosholt.

Winter Reader: Fiction from some of South Dakota's best writers.

Wide Open Space: The transition from city life to the plains of northwestern South Dakota was not an easy one for one Lutheran minister.

Piggin' Out on Pork: South Dakotans have a growing appetite for pork and chefs are sharing new recipes to satisfy it. [read more]




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