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January/February 1999

Dorothy Hocking, our cover artist, grew up near Humboldt, South Dakota, where her parents operated a country store. Like many of her commissioned works, this scene, "Weathered," draws upon those childhood memories for images and inspiration.


Vision Quest: Portraits of the Lakota people from photographer Don Doll's book.

Gone to the Dogs: Dogsledding is catching on as a sport in the Black Hills.

Living on the Edge: Lemmon almost ended up in North Dakota instead of Perkins County.

Our Friend in Deed: Ethel Tobin's advocacy for the developmentally disabled is a service to us all.

Waddling Over the Dam: A camping trip in the northern Black Hills provided warm memories for Linda Hasselstrom of Hermosa.

A Man of the People: Part 2 of our portrait of South Dakota Senator Peter Norbeck.

The Man Who Moved a Town: Alvin Carlson can't save the mining town of Trojan this time around.

Homestake Layoffs: A look at how Lead has weathered the cutbacks.

Flat, Long and Boring: What else can you say about the Interstates in South Dakota?

Remembering: Memories of the Golden Valley Creamery in Spearfish and medicine shows in Gary.

Delighting in the Details: Rapid City's Steve McCarthy is an old building's best friend.




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