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January/February 2001

Winter in Minnehaha County, as painted by artist John Green of Madison.


What's With Watertown?: A growth spurt in the 1990s energized the Codington County seat.

Writers' Favorite Restaurants: South Dakota authors pick their favorite dining spots.

The Great Escape: South Dakota's biggest penitentiary break was in 1922 in Sioux Falls.

Why Not Edgemont?: Uranium miners and millers fought the Cold War and paid the price.

Rapid City's Berlin Wall: A new symbol of freedom joins Ellsworth Air Force Base and Mount Rushmore.

Prisoners of War: Hundreds of enemy soldiers worked South Dakota fields during World War II.

Ponies to Presidents: Rapid City sculptor John Lopez creates both and more.

Minnesela, the County Seat That Died: Lack of railroad access killed the first Butte County seat.

The Polio Years: Fifty years ago, polio terrorized South Dakota.

Minnehaha County in Winter: The photography of Dan Jensen.

2001 College Guide: South Dakota's colleges and universities.




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