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January/February 2002

"Wild Bill" by John Green of Madison.


Deadwood: The Black Hills town built on luck.

Let It Snow!: Cross country skis turn the dreaded white stuff delightful.

Landscape and Light: A photo essay by Patrick Sibson captures winter in Davison County.

One Final Horror: How 17 women perished in Yankton's State Hospital for the Insane.

Minerva's: It's not just the recipes that keep this Sioux Falls landmark in business.

Under the Prairie Sod: Lost pioneers find rest amongst Howard friends.

The Ancient Black Art: In Piedmont the forge still glows and the hammer still falls.

Long Hollow in Winter: This area in the Coteau des Prairies is treacherous in winter.

Fruit of the Vine: South Dakotans plant vineyards and make wine.

Frost Framed: Scenes from a Britton farmhouse.

2002 College Guide: South Dakota's colleges and universities.




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