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January/February 2003

"Sunrise on the Future" is an oil by our cover artist John Green of Madison.


Bonnie Brahms: A Humboldt artist paints South Dakota from a horse barn at the Falls.

Parkston: County citizens who refuse to act their age keep this town young.

Sioux Falls Chefs: Masters of the kitchen share their secrets about food and life.

Mystery Mosaics of Turtles and Snakes: Did the Arikara or the Mandans make the stone effigies of central South Dakota?

Poker Alice: We're still inventing the cigar-chomping Sturgis icon.

Tilford Trader: Jim Aplan never met a rare book, gun or artifact he didn't like.

Riding the Wind: Will we capture the force of South Dakota's breezes, or just chase our hats?

In the Dark with Badger Clark: A Buffalo High School student's encounter wtih South Dakota's cowboy poet laureate.

2003 College Guide: The best South Dakota's colleges and universities have to offer.




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