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January/February 2005

Johnny Sundby of Custer photographed Rosebud hoop dancer Dallas Chief Eagle of Martin.


Putting Fish Stories on Ice: Tales of winter fishing on South Dakota lakes.

South of the Badlands: Pine Ridge might be South Dakota's most unique small city.

Native Voices: A Rapid City festival brings native actors, directors and films to the Black Hills.

A Marshall County Winter: Britton photographer John Front finds beauty in Marshall County snow.

Herald of Empire: The building of Fort Randall Dam and Pickstown.

The Cottonwood Tree: It isn't South Dakota's state tree, but maybe it should be.

Living with Mountain Lions: Can a top predator escape becoming prey?

Home Sweet Elevator: A true prairie "high rise" near Faulkton.

Horse Train: How Watertown work horses found new fields.

Public Enemy No. 1: The resurrection of a Beadle County farm after the ravages of the Dust Bowl years.

Guide to Higher Education: Introducing some of the students attending South Dakota's colleges and universities.




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