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January/February 2007

Kathy Linton of Rapid City "captured" these buffalo on a snowy winter's day in Custer State Park.


Beyond the Rim: Les Voorhis' photography of Spearfish Canyon.

Legendary Lake Kampeska: The lake permeates Watertown's history, recreation, politics and commerce.

The House of the Holy White Man: Restoring Valentine McGillicuddy's home and legacy.

Artist Ride: Artists and re-enactors gather along the Cheyenne River to preserve the Old West.

'Bad Guy' Does Good: How the Black Hills healed a Vietnam veteran.

Every Lady Gets a Valentine: On holidays, Henry "Tub" Rath remembered every woman in Wasta.

The Man Who Saved the Buffalo: Frederick Dupree's visionary roundup of 1883. [read more]

The Buffalo vs. The Bull: A South Dakota bison went head-to-head with a Mexican fighting bull in Juarez.

Black Hills Master Builder: C. C. Gideon designed and built some of the mountains' great landmarks.

Chokecherry Valentines: A sweet recipe for a tart South Dakota native.

The Dark Tower: Delmont's role in the Cold War. [read more]

Guide to Higher Education: An "introductory course" on our college towns' favorite haunts.




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