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January/February 2008

The Jorgenson family's ponies and sheep nibble in a snowy field on the north shore of Bitter Lake by Waubay.


The Hyde County Divide: Its rocky fields are the Ground Zero of grasslands preservation.

How Highmore Survives: Subtle treasures in the seat of Hyde County.

Picturing Our Big City: Photographer Greg Latza's book shows the intimate side of Sioux Falls.

Peever's Music Jamborees: Old-time music in the Glacial Lakes.

Masons—Losing the Mystery: Will the new open door policy help the Masons and other fraternal groups in South Dakota? [read more]

Buffalo—Salmon of the Prairie: The health benefits of eating bison. [read more]

Chased Across Perkins County: One family's brush with a fugitive from justice. [read more]

The Monk's Photos: Father Ambrose Mattingly's photos of Crow Creek Reservation inhabitants date back to the late 1800s.

Painting Ole's Earth: Paul Peterson's art is inspired by Giants in the Earth.

The Goodwin Giant: Herman Raschke towered over his neighbors in Deuel County.

2008 College Guide: Tips on enjoying South Dakota's college towns.




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