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July/August 1988

McCrory Gardens at Brookings is a summer paradise of sights and smells. Photo by S.D. Tourism.


Marr's Beach: Where's the Bears? The caretakers of a lake resort.

Game Lodge: Fit for a President: It has been 60 years since Coolidge slept here, but the rustic charm continues.

Our Prettiest 70-Acre Patch: A summer treat for your eyes and nose.

New Home for Old Records: Historians are breathing easier now that the Centennial Cultural Heritage Center nears completion.

Romance at the Chatauqua: A prairie romance.

Peachtree Street, Redfield, South Dakota: A true story of splintered dreams.

Fourth of July at Jerseydale Farm: A community's 30-year tradition of fun, food and fireworks.

South Dakota's First Plane Crash: Nobody was hurt and the mechanic-pilots soon were back in the air.

Rural Pride: How We Price a Sunset?

Black Hills Bluegrass: Folk music is gaining fans on the prairie and in the mountains of South Dakota.




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