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July/August 1989

The watercolor painting of a yucca glauca plant was painted by Jim Pollock. Known as a small soapweed because early early Native American tribes used the roots as soap, the yucca plant is common in South Dakota on the bluffs that overlook the Missouri River.


Fort Meade: Historic military post continues in use after more than a century.

South Dakota Sketchbook: Pierre artist Jim Pollock writes about his approach to drawing his home state.

Roy's Stories: Norma Wilson re-tells several charming folk stories told to her by a neighbor.

Anatomy of a Ghost Town: The disappearance of Bon Homme.

The Duck Farmer: The man who saved South Dakota's wetlands.

Kidnapping in Perkins County: The day Mae Galland was forced from her Bison, South Dakota, farm.

Teddy Roosevelt and the Wessington Blacksmith: An unlikely friendship.




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