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July/August 1991

"Dad's First Reel Cast" was painted by Margaret Schmidt of Lane, South Dakota. She used a box camera to photograph her father while he was fishing at Crow Lake in Jerauld county in 1945. Many years later she painted this picture.


Artists of South Dakota:
      Dave Huebner, potter
      Palmer Eide, sculptor
      Dawn Amos, quilter
      Alice New Holy, quillwork
      Bob Penn, painter [read more]
      Marty Two Bulls, cartoonist
      Dick Termes, termespheres 

Buffalo Berries: Linda Hasselstrom finds some similarities between this tart fruit and prairie people. [read more]

Cheesemakers of Veblen: The Tobkin family, second-generation cheesemakers, are expanding their markets.

Our Fair City: Gaining exclusive rights to the State Fair in 1905 was just one of many victories for Huron.

Deadwood Dick, the Skunk, and I: A true story of one of Deadwood's many colorful characters. [read more]




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