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July/August 1993

"Girl Holding Child" was painted by Lavonne Dyck of Viborg.


Chamberlain: Where East meets West: This river city offers a growing business, tourist and recreation area.

Huron Horse Show: 4-Hers take readers on a visit to equestrian excellence as they invade the fairgrounds for the state contest.

Inspired by Manchester: Only a dozen residents remain here, but native son Harvey Dunn's paintings bring lasting recognition.

Lennox Polio Epidemic: Struck with a terrifying disease, these Lennox natives chose to live life to the fullest, not merely survive.

Prairie Baby: Rounding up calves on the Fall River County.

Hutterites: A People Set Apart: Their religion and colony lifestyle date back 450 years, but how will they face modern challenges?

Harding County Oil Patch: Northwestern South Dakota is known for its vast grasslands, but a source of riches lies underneath.

Reptiles of the Hills: Reptile Gardens lures visitors to see the creatures they love to hate. [read more]




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