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July/August 1995

The cover painting, specially done for our tenth anniversary issue, is by Madison artist John Green. The couple depicted in the painting is Green's parents, Larry and Jeanne, on the front porch of their home in Madison.


Colorful Characters: Meet some of the famous and not-so-famous South Dakotans we've visited.

Evicting Pigeons: Randy Hunhoff writes a humorous account of how he solved the pigeon problem in his attic.

The Inside Story: Contributing editor Roger Holtzmann gives us the inside scoop on how South Dakota got its own magazine.

Funniest Stories: Ten years of finding the humor in South Dakota.

Prettiest Places: In ten years our cameras have pointed in all directions.

The Dear Departed: South Dakota's poet laureate Audrae Visser tells an eerie tale about a funeral director's strange display case.

Covering West River: Paul Higbee tells about his experiences covering the area ranchers refer to as "west of twenty inches."

Town Builders: What are the qualifications a town needs to be a "Town We Like?" Buying us lunch is a good start.

Things Best Said: South Dakotans are known as a tight-lipped lot, but we managed to collect a few good quotes in our travels.

Burning Ditches Out West: A shift in the wind turns a day of burning ditches into a nightmare for Vermillion writer Vince Green.

Goin' Jackrabbit Crazy: Ed Martley remembers a time when a Rapid City ranch was the best setting for teenage insanity.




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