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July/August 1997

Madison artist John Green, whose works capture South Dakota life, painted a portrait of Levo Larson, the self-proclaimed watermelon king of Forestburg, for our cover.


Seeing South Dakota: Sioux Falls artist Bob Aldern transforms the familiar.

The Joy of Cactus: Some may curse the prickly native plants, but others eat them. [read more]

Watermelon Capital: Why travelers flock to Forestburg, South Dakota at melon time. [read more]

Milbank: With an economy literally built on four billion year old granite, the Grant County seat is on solid footing.

Downtown Spearfish: An architectural renaissance blends old and new in the northern Black Hills.

McCrossan Boys Ranch: West of Sioux Falls, horses teach boys about life, love and belonging.

South Dakota's Corn Culture: How corn has altered the state's landscape and lifestyle. [read more]




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