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July/August 1999

Evelyn Brauner painted this view of the Custer County Courthouse. It now hangs in the lobby of the historic building, which has been converted into a museum. Tea artist Ray Kelly sculpted the bust of General Custer that is inset.


Catch the Moment: The photography of Rapid City restauranteur Robert Wong.

Wandering Wolves: Wolves are part of our past, and perhaps our future.

Custer Has Wings: A controversial sculpture is a metaphor for the Black Hills city.

Mother's Homemade Noodles: How the humble noodle kept one Aberdeen family together. [read more]

Redfield Whodunnit: Redfield author Kathleen Taylor has murder on her mind.

Highway 385's Man of Adventure: Martin Collins of the Collins Buffalo Home taught us how to live dangerously to age 98.

Killing the Death Tax: Two Pennington County women launch a grassroots campaign taking on the inheritance tax.

Of Mice and Cats: Living with mice on a West River ranch.

Plankinton's Hay Bale Exhibit: The Aurora County Museum is home to some 1933 bales.

Heartbeat of Mother Earth: Powwows are a celebration of life and community. [read more]

The Creek that Thinks it's a River: Split Rock Creek has beautiful vistas, history and more charm than your ordinary East River creek. [read more]

Wheat Harvest on the Diamond Ring: Harvesting on a scale as big as the West River sky.




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