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July/August 2000

"July's Christmas Doll," an oil painting by Madison artist John Green.


Hoofing the Hills: From Deadwood to Edgemont on the Mickelson Trail.

Elk Point: Where Lewis and Clark voted and the news is mostly good.

Kills Small and Dr. Eastman: A Chautauqua story of Pine Ridge survival and triumph.

Herrick: Grabbing a Gregory County town by the bootstraps.

Women and Warriors of the Plains: The pioneering photography of Julia Tuell captured everyday life among the Lakota and Cheyenne.

Lyle Telkamp — A 'Good Maker': A Brookings County farm sprouts corn and fantastic metal sculptures.

Wheat Dreams: Clark County's grain-puffing Wertz brothers might have been cereal kings if it hadn't rained in 1938.

The Man Who Played Christ: Josef Meier brought the Passion Play to Spearfish. [read more]

July's Christmas Doll: Christmas dolls were a hard sell in a 1930s summer. Fiction by R. W. Feragen.




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