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July/August 2001

"Capitol in the Hills" by Madison artist John Green.


South Dakota's Ancient Art: Our first galleries are petroglyphs carved in the Cave Hills.

Lacreek's Pelican Paradise: A rookery in Bennett County.

Pierre Without Politics: Our capital is a historic trader town that's fun to visit.

Sioux Falls' Ray Kelly: A salesman who draws pictures and attention.

Home Kids: A Odd Fellows orphanage in Dell Rapids started a hundred kids on the right foot. [read more]

Sutton Ranch: Cowboys, birdies, bull and trout near Pierre.

Rosebud Songstress: Singer and religious leader Darlene Red Elk Myers. 

Black Hills Well-Driller: Raymond Milley witched for water around Custer.

Losing Land: A young man's view of separation in Hand County.

Spearfish Creek: A popular Black Hills stream faces an uncertain future.

Shark Hunting on Firesteel Creek: Remnants of the shallow sea that once covered South Dakota.




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