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July/August 2002

Don and Dorothy Crouse, South Dakota's premier clowns, are the subject of John Green's cover, "The Crouse Clowns."


Crouse & Crew Clown Company: Entertaining the lake country of northeastern South Dakota for 45 years.

Parker — Kids and Cotton Candy: A town that grew with the Turner County Fair.

Independent Lives: Lessons from Abe, George and Esther Voigt, blind siblings of Bon Homme County.

The Old Reliables of 7th Street: A historic Rapid City building; a century of guns.

Airy Destinations: To the pinnacles with Black Hills rock climbers.

Sioux Falls' River: Is the city good for the Big Sioux?

Rockin' the Spearfish Pavilion: Forty years ago, the Black Hills drew the biggest names in music. [read more]

In the Footsteps of York: Valley Springs sculptor Porter Williams brings black heroes to life.

Fragments of Time: A Trent couple stores treasures at Little Village Farm.




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