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July/August 2003

John Green's cover is "Lewis & Clark in July."


Presence of People: Photographer Steve Babbitt captures the small town way of life.

Brookings Unbounded: This capital of culture weds agriculture, education and art.

An Impractical Road: There are easier routes to Mount Rushmore than Iron Mountain Road, but none prettier.

Sioux Falls Gems: Unique places even some residents haven't found.

The New Continental Divide: Bringing city dwellers to the plains.

Ten Favorite Beaches: Great South Dakota shores to soak in water, sand and sun.

Sun Dance at Green Grass: An ancient Lakota ceremony brings renewal.

Plying the Missouri: The "Sally Anne" ferried travelers from Running Water to Nebraska.

Riding High: Eight seconds and eternity in the saddle for bronc riders.

Cascade: A spring, a fall, and once a town in Fall River County.




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