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July/August 2004

Mount Rushmore gets patched every fall. Photo by Paul Horsted.


Patching Mount Rushmore: Democracy is a fragile gem; even its shrine requires perpetual care.

Campfire Dreams: Every year, Boy Scouts gather in the hills above Lewis and Clark Lake.

Platte: Citizens build dirt scrapers, board games, fruit pies and opportunity in the busy Charles Mix County city.

Firmly Planted in South Dakota: Brookings horticulturist Niels Hansen helped us flower on the Northern Plains. [read more]

Tiny Towns: Favorite South Dakota towns with under 100 people.

Norwegian Warp and South Dakota Woof: Grete Bodøgaard weaves life and art in Volin.

Peever's Lady of Justice: Mildred Ramynke was a rodeo roper, flight instructor and judge. [read more]

Stories of World War II Survivors: Greg Latza's new book lets veterans tell their stories.

Up the River with Lewis and Clark: Historic reenactments of the Corps of Discovery's journey.

The Missouri from Mulberry Bend: The bridge from Vermillion to Newcastle, Neb. gives us a new look at the untamed river.




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