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July/August 2007

A John Penor photo shows a cowboy riding a bucking bronc called Top Rail.


Hill City — Lumberjacks & Artists: A mix of restaurants, galleries and a new winery spice up this old Black Hills logging town.

My Mulberry Harvest: How to pick and cook South Dakota's native berry. [read more]

Gavins Point Dam: How concrete and hubris changed the Missouri River near Yankton.

River Advocacy: The conservation photography of Joe Riis.

Crash of the Flying Sioux: A 1943 plane crash near Fedora and Epiphany was one of South Dakota's deadliest.

Teaching Bass Fishing: Is the next angling superstar on a lake near you?

My Owl, Harvey: The life and times of a McCook County owl.

Bison's Celebrity Photographer: The "discovery" of rancher/photographer John Penor.

Diamonds in the Salvage Yard: The Gorman family's Rapid City automobilia.

Seeking the Hills: A Journey Museum exhibit explores Black Hills tourism history.

Snake Bit: A Perkins County family account of a 1928 snakebite.

Combing the World: Hazel Mahone — Huron's hairdresser and humanitarian.




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