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July/August 2008

Rancher Jack Bickel, along with a small group of citizens, restored the Old Stone Church near Timber Lake. He was standing in the woorway at sunset when Sioux Falls photographer Greg Latza took the picture.


92 Churches in 18 Months: Gary Conradi explores South Dakota's Episcopalian heritage.

The Sweetest Corn: Grilling a favorite summer delicacy. [read more]

Favorite Buildings: As picked by South Dakota architects.

Sticky Business: South Dakota's 160 beekepers make us a top honey-producing state.

Our Own Margaritaville: Jimmy Buffett's days in Brookings.

Food For My Neighbors: The local and fresh food movement is growing.

Brontoburgers & Nanotechnology: Why Custer is expanding into the Black Hills.

Walking Wessington Springs: Nature trails for birds and people in Jerauld County.




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