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June/July 1987

This peaceful scene of canoeists is the work of Peter Carrels of Aberdeen. He photographed them on the James River in Spink County.


Faces of the Sioux: A photographic exhibit of a Sioux Falls man's efforts to capture a venerable Dakota culture on film.

Politics and Pasta Restored for Pierre: The historic St. Charles restaurant where deals were struck and laws were made has been reopened.

Hugh Glass – The Survivor: One of the most incredible true-life dramas of all time happened in northeast South Dakota.

Ranchers Continue Branding Tradition: This summer ritual of identifying newborn cattle is as old as the ranching profession itself.

Pierre's Unforgettable Summer of 1927: Sixty years ago, a U.S. president, an aviation hero and a human fly came to Pierre within a few weeks of each other.

Call of Dakota: A displaced Dakotan ponders her longing to return home.

Chokecherry Gold: Berry-pickers everywhere will enjoy these memories of a summer past.




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