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March/April 1988

Joel Strasser of rural Canton captured this springtime flight of geese from a South Dakota field.


It's a Family Tradition: The Ziegler family of Lower Brule carry on the tradition of Sioux dance.

Schmeckfest: The three-day festival held every spring at Freeman, South Dakota, combines a German foodfest with arts, crafts and community theatre.

Buffaloburgers and Harvey Dunns: Wall Drug Store is a veritable museum within a store.

50 Years as a Dakota Kid: Rapid City's Ed Martley writes of shared joys.

Trapline: A fictional story of a boy and a chance encounter.

Sitting Bull's Homecoming: Sitting Bull's bones now rest under 20 tons of concrete near his birthplace by the Grand River in northern South Dakota.

Discourse in Dad's Dairy Barn: Nancy Ruskowsky has fond memories of chore-time. [read more]

The Warming Effect: A zany story of "how cold does it get?"




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