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March/April 1991

"Sundown" is a 1989 oil painting by western artist Brenda Bruckner of Colome.


Movie Making on Minneconjou Creek: Dances with Wolves, the award-winning movie by Kevin Costner, shows off South Dakota.

Roy Houck's Triple U Ranch: The largest private buffalo herd in the country grazes near Fort Pierre.

Oscar Austad: Sales secrets from a Sioux Falls golf man. [read more]

A Calling to Collect: Father and son followed different paths, but both have given much to Vermillion's Music Museum.

No Time for Horses: Linda Hasselstrom wonders whether efficiency is all it's cracked up to be.

Marry Me, Mr. Tree: Our readers have waited patiently for a romance story and now we deliver.

699,999? Can It Be? A satirical look at the U.S. Census Bureau's nose-counting in South Dakota.




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