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March/April 1992

"Prairie Duel" shows two prairie chickens booming, explains artist Dianna Stamness of Sioux Falls.


Spring in the Cave Hills: A land of caves and cliffs and petroglyphs.

Our Swedish Connection: Thousands of Swedish immigrants came to Dakota Territory a century ago.

Downtown Sioux Falls: The streets and shops of South Dakota's biggest downtown are busy and bright again.

Secrets of Country Women: Ideas for women who want to be full partners on the farm.

Sitting Bull's People: Bringing hope to the Standing Rock Reservation.

Borglum's Ballclub: Gutzon Borglum knew nothing about baseball, but he was proud of his Rushmore squad.

Freeman: Times are Changing: Changes are coming to this German-Russian community.

A Respectable Bird: Wild turkeys have better morals than a bald eagle – and they're not so dumb either.




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